100 Year Old Make-Up Remover!?!

Hey guys, it's Christian! You ever heard of the saying if it’s not broken don’t fix it? That exactly how I feel about this PONDS COLD CREAM!
💸This inexpensive makeup balm will erase any product you are wearing and it is affordable AF!
💄Ponds is so amazing that it cut through layers and LAYERs of liquid lipstick all over my face and after washing, not a single trace of the lipstick to be found!
💭Final Thoughts: This product is often imitated and sold at a higher price point! DON’T BE FOOLED!!!! Get the original that has been around for over 100 YEARS! If it's good for Granny it's good for you! I’ve used this product for years and don’t plan on stopping any time soon.
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