12 Hour Wear Test of Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer On Oily Skin

I'm an oily beast, yes it's true, tell me, tell me, Do you think this primer will hold my makeup together? After 12 hours?
I've used this once before, but I am taking my time to assess how this primer works!
⭐The main focus of this primer is to hold your foundation all day while hydrating your skin. There are no claims related to oil control or mattifying.
🤑 $30 USD for 1.52 oz. 
✅I put one pump on my fingers and blended it all over my face and even under my eyes. I added another pump after the first layer was absorbed in. I then applied my foundation and concealer over it. 
⭐My face didn't feel tacky after applying the primer. 
💯I love the way my skin looks with this primer! My skin looks so dewy and hydrated. My skin looks AMAZING and FLAWLESS. 
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