12 Hour Wear Test with Natasha Denona Foundation X+

I tried out Natasha Denona's Foundation X+ in Creamy Rose by giving it the ultimate 12 hour wear test. I was surprised at the results! I don't think I said right in the beginning but my skin type is dry and sensitive. I also wanted to point out that it's pretty transfer resistant - not only with blowing my nose, but I also changed into a different white shirt later in the night and got NO foundation on the shirt, which doesn't always happen. So far I'm really impressed with this one! Have you tried this? What was your experience?

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  • Linda rich

    Good color for you! Not sure if there was too much highlight but the product seemed to fade.

  • Lana Stanberry

    Awesome foundation.Gonna try to check it out.You kicked it outta the park as usual,Great tutorial

  • Brandy

    Haven't tried, But awesome review 🥰 Keep em coming loves!

  • Mandie

    I have been curious about this foundation. I have oily skin and I wonder if it would work with my skin!! Transfer resistance is really important to me and a good long wear foundation is so hard to find. Thanks for sharing

  • Kelley Pauley

    I need this!! That's all I can say, love how your skin looks flawless, great coverage, long wear, what else could a girl ask for! Going to have to get this for sure. Thanks for a wonderful review!

  • Melissa Griffith

    The foundation looks flawless. Heading to Sephora now to purchase. Shocked more people aren't talking about this. I'm a foundation junkie and this is one of the few I have been considering but couldn't find any good video reviews. So thank you so much for posting.

  • Lana Stanberry

    Hey hun,idk why i am suprised to see you here lol.I am one of your subscribers. on utube.No i havent tried that brand of foundation.But since there doesnt seem to have any transfer,and it lasts,definetly gotta try it ty

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