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2nd Week of Collective laboratories

This is my husband's 2nd week of using Collective laboratories and I must say,We are impressed!

The patches are now starting to sprout little baby hairs, his patches are starting to blend.

A few people at work asked him what he is doing different because his hair is growing!!😲

He did not tell anyone that's just how men are! He asked really in disbelief. We then looked at all the pictures we had taken, and sure enough it is working! We couldn't do it everyday because we were in the hospital for a week after having a baby but even for that little time and it's still growing! WOW! This is really a great product his friends all want to know what it is! 

He shampoos normally, we apply at night before bed, but nothing special before use 

We have a few weeks left we shall see what it looks like in the end!

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