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3 Neutral looks using the PurXRawBeautyKristi palette!

I used only the neutral side of the PurXRawBeautyKristi palette to create these 3 looks! These were so fun and easy to create! 


Look #1- I used ​​​​​​the shades: My Whole Heart, Moo Point and You're Not My Real Dad in my crease and It Just Does and Camelot on my lid, with My Whole Heart on the inner corner. 

Look #2- I used the shades: Camelot, Copper Boxes, Told You and Bee in my crease and Golden Ticket on my lid and inner corner. 

Look #3- I used the shades: My Whole Heart, It Just Does and Told You in my crease to create a halo eye and used My Whole Heart with Golden Ticket on top in the middle of my lid. 

I really enjoyed using the neutral side of this palette and will be posting looks using both sides together soon! Which look is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! 

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