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3 Self-Care Must haves that boost my confidence and happiness🌻

When I recharge my batteries 💯, I like to do things that make me feel more connected to myself and with nature.

These are my 3 Self-Care Moments Must-Have Moments that I take at least once a week. I can’t imagine my life without these self-care moments and they have shaped myself and confidence in a really positive way 😃

My first self-care moment must is having a dang good mascara 🔥! I am always trying out new mascaras because I love how different all mascaras can look.
Mascara is so important to me because it boosts my confidence and gives color to my light blonde lashes. Seeing the definition makes me feel more put-together and presentable, which makes me feel better with or without a mirror.
This specific mascara in the pictures called Lash Freak Mascara by Urban Decay I found recently and I love it so much.
With one coat, it was able to lengthen my lashes and coat all my lashes easily without any clumps. The formula stays on all day without running and it is the easiest mascara to take off I have found EVER. The mascara wand even has a smaller section at the tip to be able to easily coat inner lashes.

My second self-care moment must have is wearing a moisturizing lip gloss that has a hint of color.
Lip-gloss like this is important to me because it helps me feel confident and with my dry skin type, it helps keep my lips hydrated all day.
The lip gloss in the pictures is the Sephora Lip Gloss called Glossed in Shade 35 Confident 💄.
Not only was the shade perfect for what I was looking for, but the name was also perfect too for how it made me feel 🥰.

Wearing mascara and lip gloss together gives me a feeling of confidence and happiness that makes me feel prepared for anything I have going on each day 💜.
I love wearing makeup, but those two products, mascara and lip gloss, have shaped myself a lot. Mascara and lip gloss were the first things of makeup I ever experimented with when I first started using makeup as a teen.
I will never forget that feeling of how I felt the first time I wore makeup when my grandma did my makeup for my 6th grade music recital. I felt so happy and that was one of my first moments of how makeup has positively influenced me.

My third self-care moment that is wellness related is doing activities that help me feel more connected with myself and nature 🌻.
I have found SO much happiness with hiking 💙
I hike at least once a week and I enjoy it very much. Seeing the beauty of nature and having that alone time is a great opportunity for self-reflection and the exercise is really rewarding.
Hiking has been so great for my mental health, with feeling more in sync with what’s going on with me and has made me stronger physically. Taking time to hike each week has boosted my confidence and given me so much happiness.
Doing things for yourself that make you feel happy, confident and beautiful is so important. 💕

What self-care must-haves give you happiness and boost your confidence?
Let me know what you think,

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  • Sarah Wennihan

    I wish I could get into hiking or walking, but working out in my living room doing yoga is more my jam. Haha. I also actually got samples of both of these in. The mascara was SO interesting and unique, with the one side used to push the lashes up. The gloss I got wasn't a great shade for me. But hey, it happens. Stay safe!

  • Belinda Ghosheb

    Nice review. I haven't tried this mascara although I have been considering it. Thanks for the review as you helped me make a decision.

  • Tina Dalasinski

    😍 O would love to try these products I am in need of some pampering just had back surgery

  • Saira abbasi

    Nice your lashes look soo pretty 😍🥰

  • Sylvia Foster

    A great eye shadow and lip stick makes me feel nice, as well as a nice scented perfume. Love your look, thanks for sharing.

  • sally peabody

    Very nice. I too get motivated by nature both physically and spiritually. It is my source of mental well being. I ride my bike daily. I would definitely go with mascara and a super hydrating lip conditioner as my give myself a lift makeup must haves.

  • Cheryl

    Great tips, thank you. I really want to try the lashfreak mascara.

  • LifeCoachMelanieM

    Amen❣️ My must-have is my mascara 🥰 I can look like crap, but feel like a queen if I have my mascara on 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

  • Rita Whirls

    Great products. Looks great on you. I'll have to try these. Love trying new products to see if they are right for me.

  • Stefany Scaggs

    Looks beautiful on you. I have the same lip gloss and I love it. I haven't heard of the mascara before but you definetley got me wanting to try this mascara. Thanks for sharing. You did a great great review.

  • Rose Guttillo

    Good review on Last Freak Mascara. I like that you stated, one coat will lengthen your lashes and has staying power. Listening to music and a brisk walk in the morning gets me ready for my day. I always make sure I put on YBF eyebrow pencil for my eyebrows and Tru skin Vitamin C serum., These two product's make me happy.

  • Naf

    Thanks for sharing. I like lip products too and hiking. I love applying different colors for eyeshadows and lip colors, that boosts my confidence. I also love colorful things.

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    Like the review and will have to check out the gloss and mascara for a switch from my regular brands.

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Great post and self care things you do. I love a good sheet mask to help in my self care days. Also a great cleanser helps you start off right.

  • Pauline

    My must haves are starting out fresh every morning and applying make up that makes me feel happy. Fixing my hair and coloring it with my favorite shade. I like highlights in my color. Eating a nice balance breakfast.

  • Ja-Nee

    Great post. That mascara looks good!!! I've changed up my routine. It was time. I more so focus on my skin with those horrible dark spots. I love vitamin c serums and lip gloss. Those two products make me feel confident.

  • Bre Walker

    Nice pics! Those products look great on you! I'm really excited about the mascara, I'd love to try it. Foundation and mascara boost my confidence, because I feel like my flaws are covered by the foundation, and my eyes pop more with the mascara.

  • Katie

    That mascara looks awesome!! Never seen it before, but you make me wanna check it out! I also enjoy nature activities, but mostly ones that involve the beach or just water. Since I moved to Vegas though, it’s kinda hard to enjoy stuff like that😅. Mascara and gloss are great confidence boosters!!! I always say, those are the only two makeup products I really need.

  • Rukhsana

    foundation really boosts my confidence as it adds color to my pale skin and hides all flaws on my skin. my relationship with makeup is to be artistic and to keep perfecting myself to be able to do makeup professional level.

  • Kelley Harner

    I agree. Mascara = self-care. If I put nothing at all on my face, I at least need to slather some mascara on my eyelashes. It's like I am naked without it. I like to look people in the eyes when speaking to them. That in itself expresses confidence, so I like for my eyes to be a reflection of how I am feeling (which often is a combination of exhausted yet beautiful). Thanks for the feedback! Great review!

  • Kelsey Mchale

    You go girl! 🌞 Great review. Thanks so much for introducing me to Lash Freak!! I've been looking for an easy to remove mascara FOREVER! I really can't wait to try it. I have a big family, 8 kids, so I don't have much time for self care... But it is super important to have something that just really makes you feel great! Thank you, really. 🤗

  • Samantha K

    Great review! This makes me want to try that mascara. Lately for me playing with eyeshadow and trying new techniques gives me confidence. I never wore much of it before so knowing I can create a whole new look makes me feel good.

  • Stephanie

    That mascara looks like it works really well! Looks great!

  • Jenn

    I absolutely love the products I have from Urban Decay, but now I'm super excited to try their Lash Freak Mascara!!! ❤️ When it comes to my must haves for makeup MASCARA IS THE #1 PRODUCT I MUST HAVE!! I also like a good powder, and lip gloss 💄💄

  • Rowi

    My must have are:Cleanser,Sunscreen,Retinol,Hylayronic Acid,Vitamin C 😊

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