3 Step Galactic Blush That Shines Through Your Masks


Doing makeup in a way that works for mask days isn’t easy, but I’ve mastered a blush that comes out so shiny and standout, that it can’t hide even under a mask. It’s what I like to call a “galactic” blush look.

To achieve this, I used both ends of my Clarins Glow 2 Go Stick (yes--even the highlighter portion). Then, I finished it up with my all time favorite lipstick, which is the YSL Pur Volupte Shine in Nude Sheer. This is one that I can use atop any color on my lips for a quick refresh throughout the day, or even on top of a blush like so to achieve a glossy, shiny cheek.

And there you have it! An out of this world, galactic blush look for your mask days!



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