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4 looks using colorful side of PurXRawBeautyKristi palette!

I used just the colorful side of this palette to create these fun looks and test out different eyeshadow primers!

​​​Look #1- I used the Loreal Infallible Stick Foundation for my eye primer! I didn't have any problems with this product holding or blending the shadows! From the palette I used the shades: Hurtful, Garden State, Lumos and Cafe Disco.

Look #2- I used the Milani Eye Primer and it worked just like it always does, perfectly! From the palette I used the shades: Tribute, Side Effect and Lumos. I also used a Moira Cosmetics Loose Pigment on my lid!

Look #3- I used the E.L.F. Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer. This was not a very good match...the shadow stuck the primer really well but I had to really work to blend them out. I wouldn't recommend using it with this palette. From the palette I used the shades: Flavortown, Am I Orange?, Dandelion and Cafe Disco.

Look #4- I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Primer(first time trying it) and was very pleased with the results! It held the pigment and blended like a dream! From the palette I used the shades: Hurtful, Dandelion and Cafe Disco.

What is your favorite eyeshadow primer? Which look is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Micheala

    i love all the looks but i love big bright colors. so for me i really likes the 3 look on you

  • Marlena Fannin

    I surely did not know that there was a primer for your eyes. I usually just use the e. l. f. 16 hour concealor. It works fine but I will be checking into the eye primer. By the way, I do love Look #2 the best for me. They do all look great tho. Thanks for sharing these looks.