7 Different Benefits in One Daily Moisturizer?

Hey how are you? It’s Nick and I’m back with another PrismPop video for you beauties πŸ’š
This is the Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Daily Face Moisturizer.
As the name suggests, it does 7 different things!
It 1, hydrates, 2, replenishes, 3, brightens, 4, evens the look of tone, 5, minimizes the look of pores, 6, visibly firms and 7 visibly smooths. It’s oil free and contains a lot of great ingredients.
And it’s not even that expensive. About $15 for a bottle of 1.7 fl. oz.
I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and I have really seen a difference in the appearance of my skin. It’s definitely got a more even tone and my pores are less noticeable. Hydration feels great and it’s never too early to start minimizing the appearance of fine lines.
Overall I’d recommend this! It’s been a quality product for me and comes in an easy to use package with a pump so you gotta love that.
Let me know in the comments if you use anything similar to the Olay 7-in-1 Moisturizer. 
If you want to try this, hit “I Wanna Try!” 😍
Thanks so much for watching
Have a great day,
Nick Taylor

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  • Cinnamon Girl

    This video was so satisfying !

  • jim jill

    i use anti aging products because its better to prevent than treat too late. I use vit c and retinal at night. i am using a smple of dr. dennis gross right now.

  • Hope grant

    I love trying new product that will help me out and give me better skin care

  • Brandi Paquin

    You know your details! Tjats great thank you! Its hard to find ones that actually work! Very interested in this product!

  • Naf

    That's flawless! I like that you're detailed. I do use anti-aging products here and there, such as Olay Ultimate eye cream.

  • sally peabody

    Great demonstration ! I have seen this and thought about getting it now I believe it is a must have for me.

  • Shannon citrino

    youthful. Have this and I love it!! I also use their overnight brightening mask and feel I've had great result.

  • Ashley Hunt

    I love trying out anti-aging products! Alot of them have lots of claims to do lots of miraculous things, and do nothing, and some actually look to do what they say! I love finding good anti-aging products that actually work!

  • Robin

    Olay brings back so many childhood memories of my mom , it was one of her favorite go to! I love to to be able to try this !

  • Katie

    I love Olay! πŸ’› Right now in the mornings I use the AmorePacific Youthful Radiance Oil, and the AmorePacific Essential Moisturizer. Then at night time I use the Ole Henriksen Rentinal night cream!

  • Marilyn Wagner

    I love the effectiveness of an anti-aging moisturizer! I use two different types every day for my beauty regimen. I use byroe bell pepper serum and after a few days of use my goodness I can tell a heap of a difference, my pores have shrunk tremendously and my fine lines are fading. After the byroe drops dry I use a tinted moisturizer to help fill in the gaps and keep my skin from feeling dry and thirsty. Daily routine that is extremely important!

  • Jennifer Hall

    I love any new products that can help make myself improve in any way.

  • jessica powell

    I use both anti-aging & anti-blemish products. Dermalogica makes a fantastic product that does both - Dermalogica AGE Bright Clearing Serum!

  • Shelly

    I would love to try this product.. This looks amazing and nourishing.. I love the video and go through night cream like water.. This would help with my budget.

  • Nicole

    I have used anti-aging moisturizers, however, my skin breaks out with many of them, so instead what I use every single night is an eye serum. It does have anti-aging properties in it.

  • Tina

    Would love to try play total effects.. I’m forever 21 but recently had to add plus 25 to it oh hush skin has taken its beating think this product would be amazing

  • Brandy

    I use Okay total effects, and I Love it! I have been using Olay products for a long time, I'm almost 40 and my skin still looks good, it is the main product I use so I no it works. I would definitely recommend this product. I use it everyday.

  • Shannon Grant

    I use a lot of different anti-aging products, but not an β€œall in one β€œ. I definitely want to try Olay Total Effects! 😍😍

  • Alejandra Carrillo

    My skin doesn't like Olay products for some reasons but I do have sensitive and combination skin. I use a anti aging night cream. It's called Age defying Face Firming and Tightening cream and it's by Pureauty. It has retinol and hyaluronic acid. I love it because it hydrates very well and it doesn't irritate me. It's also cruelty free which is important to me.

  • Katherine Jaramillo

    Olay products are always great. I would love to try this product, I'm sure it is miles better than the witch hazel mix I've been using.

  • Carriann Hatfield

    I love alot of the olay products. And since I'm not getting any younger I'm always on the look out for a great anti aging product that I can see and feel the difference.

  • Jacquelyn Betts

    This is Awesome! I love Olay products! I need to use anti aging products as my skin is often dry.

  • yona garlit

    I use anti-aging products and I love this moisturizer. It helps so much with my combination skin and definitely even out my skin tone.

  • Kathy Powell

    I would love to try this as it would be something that would work perfect for my skin. I have dry skin and it would replenish my skin. I'm also 37 so it would help with my problem areas.

  • Ani

    As i have dry skin, would love to try this .My skin really needs hydration.

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