A creamy (wo)men's facial cleanser!

Yes, this is a men's line lol! I bought it for my man... Yeah, no. It was for me! But if PPOC asks if I want to try this for free, who an I to pass it up? 

I'm so glad I got this. It has a slight masculine scent but just from the ingredients, but any fragrance. The majority of the ingredients are organic. It's a creamy cleaner and body wash, but for the price and the size of the bottle I found it only a good deal to use it as face wash. 

First impressions: It comes in a small pump bottle that's easy to use in the shower or at the counter. It's a creamy off-white, about the consistency of ranch dressing (I'm hungry atm, don't judge). The bottle is also amber, protecting all the goodness inside. 

In use: This is my first time using a cream cleanser and it's shocking because it doesn't have suds. Instead, the creaminess actually goes further and only required one small pump. It rinses clean with very little scent left but also leaves my skin more moistured than regular cleansers. No break out. 

Ingredients: The base is from Camomile Tea and it just gets better from there. Ah the ingredients are recognizable, and most are organic. It's an affordable was to transition into natural products. 






Final thoughts: I want more! I would definitely think about buying this again. I also got the shave serum and like that too. 

Price: $15 for 8.4 oz bottle from Era Organics on Amazon

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  • sally peabody

    I use mens products because I like the smell. Usually only deodorant and body wash. men's products are usually more inexpensive and better...go figure. This looks and sounds wonderful . I have to have a pump and the ingredients are amazing. Nice pick and best of luck in your