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A good nude Polish

I have look near and far for a nude nail polish that works for me. I have numerous blush peach gray base mauve nude but not a true nude color. I came upon this polish in a ispy bag. Might I say it is the one. It great for your toes when you just want something there. It great for when you want to do your nails for date night or just to go to the grocery store. It a versital color. You can wear it by itself or do it up. Do a accent nail with black lines very sofisticated or if you have a nail stamper a Lacey print turns it sexy. Pink peach white lavender any Polish you have on hand goes with this nude. Your imagination is beyond belief. 

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  • Daisy

    Nice color. Will be trying out!β€πŸ’šπŸ’…

  • Amanda Lingle

    A nude or natural color nail polish is my good to. Unless its baseball season them I love red and white nails. But this really is a beautiful color I shall have to check out. Is it easy and smooth to apply