A Great lightweight essence for your summer skincare routine

Vely Vely artemisia Essence is an essence made with Non Additives. This essence contains 100% artemisia extract and is known to show great improvement within the skins barrier over the course of 4 weeks. Me personally I’m only on my second week of using it and can definitely see an improvement in my skins hydration and overall balance. This essence is great for for all skin types especially those with sensitive skin. Artemisia is known for assisting in calming the skin and helping to soothe redness. It also helps with reducing acne and breakouts. Artemisia is also packed with vitamin A and vitamin C which is good for cell renewal and brightening skin. This essence is filled with many antioxidants and minerals. Helping to improve skins vitality and natural strength. This essence is so lightweight and in my opinion is a perfect option to include in your summer skincare routine. It is literally like splashing a handful of water on your face the only difference is that this essence provides tons of benefits for my skin. Because this essence is so lightweight it absorbs very quickly and ultimately leaves my skin feeling hydrated, refreshed, and balanced. I feel like this essence could be used in multiple ways. Such as a facial spray, a primer for makeup application or just to freshen up makeup, a sheet mask, and a little extra kick to any facial mask. I actually added a little bit to a powder clay mask last night to help boost the effectiveness and benefits of said mask and it worked phenomenally. I’ve always been a huge fan of facial essences because I feel like they are so versatile and do actually serve a purpose in my skincare routine. Even when I’m in a rush and running low on time simply washing my face, applying an essence, and a good sunscreen seems to hold my skin over for the day. I truly feel a facial essence makes all the difference. I highly recommend trying this essence out. I’ve been trying to avoid skincare products that weigh a little heavy on my skin especially considering that I breakout far more in the summer versus the winter. So for me this product is like liquid gold right now lol and has made all the difference in my skincare routine. 

INGREDIENTS LIST: Artemisia Capillaris Extract

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