A Great Option For Sun Protection ( CELGEN Mild Sun Cream )

A decent balancing sunscreen CELGEN mild sun cream contains SPF 50 and is great for all skin types. This sunscreen has a nice creamy texture and will certainly provide skin with a nice surge of moisture while protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. It feels lightweight on my skin and absorbs efficiently. One quality that I really like about this sunscreen is that it doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily and also wears comfortably under my makeup. It doesn’t sweat off of my skin when I am in a fairly hot environment and also doesn’t leave any kind of white cast when applied. I use about a quarter size amount for my entire face. 
The packaging has a vibrant yet simple appeal to it. I love the bright orange it really helps the product stand out. The tube is a great size and perfect for taking on the go. I have many different sunscreens that I use on a daily basis but recently I have been grabbing for this particular sunscreen more than the other ones I have. It just works really well on my skin. 


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