A hair serum that ACTIVATES hair growth😲⬇️

⚡Collective Laboratories activating serum⚡ Today begins a new hair journey for me. My hair has been thinning out for awhile now. I've had hormonal changes and imbalances that have caused my hair to shed more than it should.

                        ☆Hair Concerns☆

Overall my main hair concerns are thinning and shedding to much. My hair line on the front sides have thinned out and the front of my hair line to mid ways has thinned out. I lose hair alot more after my hysterectomy. Split ends are also an issue. If you have gone through this then you know how frustrating it is to spend time, effort and money on hair regrowth and thickening products only to have no results. This is why I'm very excited and hopeful that this journey will take me further and healthier than anything before.

                        ☆Who they are☆

Collective Laboratories was developed by Doctors in leading industries such as bio-identical hormones, family medicine and integrative medicine, cosmetic dermatology, diagnosis and management of dermatologic diseases of the skin, and Chinese Medicine, which also incorporates the basic principles of Western Medicine. Dr. Cecilia The O.M.D Dr. Shala Fardin MD Dr. Dominic Patawaran MD have been developing a hair serum that treats your scalp like the organism it is. A living thing. Reinventing the system by researching and traveling the world to discover proven rare botanicals used for centuries to promote hair growth and thickening. Taking all natural ingredients, ancient remedies and high technology back to their own labs to study and create a hair growth serum that has been years in the making.

                           ☆What it is☆

A revitalizing serum that treats the scalp, boost micro circulation and rebalance oil levels, re-energizeing hair follicles, strengthens fragile hair and helps prevent breakage.

                      ☆Ingredients call out☆

~Ginseng (Chinese herb stimulates scalp circulation. Restores natural hair growth cycle, inhibits DHT a hormone responsible for hair loss) ~Biotin (Vitamin that strengthens hair and helps reduce breakage. Coats hair strands to fortify.  Pumpkin seed oil (Anti-inflammatory moisturizer. Prevents production of enzymes that are needed to make DHT. ~Lilac stem cells (Active plant cells helps repair damage. Reduce irritation. Stimulates cell energy at the root. ~Malabar Kino Bark(sap from the Indian kino tree is anti fungal, has astringent properties and prevents infection. ~Burdock Root (Herbal power with moisturizing anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and prevents bacteria and yeast build up.


A dark thick glass bottle with a rubber dropper. Perfect size for travel but sufficient for at home therapy. Easily pull the correct dose with the sturdy dropper so you get the right amount of product everytime.


You can definitely smell the essence of lilac but the earthy botanical fragrance is not overwhelming at all and almost seems to give me a sense of calm.

~☆Keep an eye out for my week 1 application video coming in a day or so☆~

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