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Chok Chok glowing moisturizer - such a cute little bottle! Can't go wrong with black and pink right? Very thick and creamy and easy on your skin. 

Peppermint foot mask-oMG my FAV out of this tester bag! The smell is beyond amazing and your feet will feel the smoothest ever! I do recommend washing before and using a scraper to get rid of dry skin or calluses and make your feet even softer. 

Hydrogel mask- kinda cool in my book! I loved the way it was 2 separate pieces and that made it easier to apply. It was a cook feeling and felt smooth after application. 

Vitamin C Watermelon Sheet Mask-I was hoping this would smell better, but it didn't. Kind of hard to unroll at first. It was bigger than expected. 

SOS clarifying Leopard Print Mask- super cool mask. I was worried it would change my skin green but it didn't. Felt great on skin. 

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  • Sarah Wennihan

    This was the mask I was most interested in. Love hydro gel masks. Sorry the watermelon didn't have a pleasant smell. Would definitely expect a watermelon product to smell good. Thanks for the review. ❤️

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