A Look With the New MAC Get Blazed Collection

The coywolf and I entertain the fanciful notion that every time you find a piece of glitter on your face, your body or really anywhere — and for some reason, this happens often, big surprise! — you were just kissed by a unicorn.
Indeed, if that holds true, than wearing anything glittery from the new MAC Get Blazed collection is tantamount to being kissed by an entire unicorn herd.

⭐I wore a couple things from Get Blazed today —
the Shiny Pretty Shadow in P for Pink
and the Bling Thing Liquid Lip Top Coat in Sweet Gleams
⭐I can say that nothing I’ve seen from this collection goes halfway. I tried to go for subtle with P for Pink and Sweet Gleams (as subtle as you can go with glitter…), so my lids and lips look relatively subdued here, but TRUST! — if you wanna look like you’re going to swing from the chandelier on a Tuesday night, by all means, you can get there, and you can get there f a s t.

Faster than a speeding unicorn even.

Because there’s *a lot* of shimmer and sparkle in these products, and they don’t hold back.

A few MAC Get Blazed first impressions…

Shiny Pretty Shadow — This one has small- and medium-sized flecks of glitter swimming in an intensely pigmented metallic base. It has a creamy texture and is long-lasting, and there’s a little fallout…but not much.
Bling Thing Liquid Lip Top Coat — This is like a liquid glitter lipstick “top coat” in a sheer base. The lightweight mousse-y texture dries down and “hugs” your lips. It’ll also last you through a meal and drinks. It’s surprisingly not drying, although I wouldn’t exactly characterize it as moisturizing, either.
Dazzle Highlighter — This one is sensationally soft and creamy. The glitter isn’t an overspray, either. It’s a pigmented metallic base with medium and large pieces of glitter. I wouldn’t wear it as a highlighter (way too crazy for me), but it’s fun, though, if you’re going for statement cheekbones.
Bling Thing Liquid Lipcolour — Same mousse-y texture and lip-hugging effect as the Lip Top Coats. This one is intensely pigmented and even more intensely metallic. How VERY ’80s in the best way possible.

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