A Look With the New MAC Get Blazed Collection

The coywolf and I entertain the fanciful notion that every time you find a piece of glitter on your face, your body or really anywhere — and for some reason, this happens often, big surprise! — you were just kissed by a unicorn.
Indeed, if that holds true, than wearing anything glittery from the new MAC Get Blazed collection is tantamount to being kissed by an entire unicorn herd.

⭐I wore a couple things from Get Blazed today —
the Shiny Pretty Shadow in P for Pink
and the Bling Thing Liquid Lip Top Coat in Sweet Gleams
⭐I can say that nothing I’ve seen from this collection goes halfway. I tried to go for subtle with P for Pink and Sweet Gleams (as subtle as you can go with glitter…), so my lids and lips look relatively subdued here, but TRUST! — if you wanna look like you’re going to swing from the chandelier on a Tuesday night, by all means, you can get there, and you can get there f a s t.

Faster than a speeding unicorn even.

Because there’s *a lot* of shimmer and sparkle in these products, and they don’t hold back.

A few MAC Get Blazed first impressions…

Shiny Pretty Shadow — This one has small- and medium-sized flecks of glitter swimming in an intensely pigmented metallic base. It has a creamy texture and is long-lasting, and there’s a little fallout…but not much.
Bling Thing Liquid Lip Top Coat — This is like a liquid glitter lipstick “top coat” in a sheer base. The lightweight mousse-y texture dries down and “hugs” your lips. It’ll also last you through a meal and drinks. It’s surprisingly not drying, although I wouldn’t exactly characterize it as moisturizing, either.
Dazzle Highlighter — This one is sensationally soft and creamy. The glitter isn’t an overspray, either. It’s a pigmented metallic base with medium and large pieces of glitter. I wouldn’t wear it as a highlighter (way too crazy for me), but it’s fun, though, if you’re going for statement cheekbones.
Bling Thing Liquid Lipcolour — Same mousse-y texture and lip-hugging effect as the Lip Top Coats. This one is intensely pigmented and even more intensely metallic. How VERY ’80s in the best way possible.

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  • sally peabody

    Love this !!! Very nice review. One can never go wrong with MAC. I happen to like glitter very much and I can see the quality of these products. I have worked in the environment of MAC cosmetics. In regards to the Cosmetic counters as a whole. The MAC team in my opinion are the most highly trained and are not chosen to represent the MAC line unless they are highly skilled. The Company is owned by Estee Lauder but operates separately from all other lines in a Department Store. They have free standing stores as does Origins who is also owned by Estee Lauder along with Clinique but they converge with Estee Lauder Counters in store.. My point being the research and training that exists in the Estee Lauder Conglomeration is the best. Mac being number one in makeup sales . Great review and your daughter tops this picture ! Thank you.

  • Jennifer Henning

    These are so gorgeous. I love them all!! Amazing review!

  • Micheala

    Nice review

  • Jennifer Henning

    These are stunning. I love these eyeshadows so much. They look so pretty on you too!!!

  • Jennifer Hall

    Simply beautiful!

  • Ja-Nee

    Wow. This is a beautiful collection. I love all things glitter, sparkling and shimmer! The colors are so pretty. You look amazing! Great review!

  • Melissa Griffith

    thanks for posting

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