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Activating Serum 1st Week Check-in!

I am so excited to be doing a 4 week test of the Activating Serum by Collective Laboratories! I have never heard of serums for hair before and after reading about this product, I am so impressed with the amount of thought and research that had went into developing this hair treatment. This activating serum contains ginseng and biotin, both of which will help promote and maintain healthy hair. And apparently it took them 20 years to make this formulation!

First impression of the serum: I like the packaging, it feels luxurious because it comes in a cute box with an informational pamphlet, which I found really helpful. It contained very clear instructions on how to apply it and the different ways you could use the serum. I will be using it as a leave-in hair treatment. This product also smells like herbs - I use/eat ginseng a lot and that was the first thing I smelled. I love it! The texture is also nice, a bit runny but the dropper makes it easy to apply directly to the scalp.

My hair condition: I have very fine and thin hair that is brittle and I get split-ends quite often. I also lose so much hair every time I brush it and every other night when I wash my hair. You can tell from my scalp I have quite some hair loss! 

My hair products: Because of my brittle hair I use a hair masque as a leave-in hair treatment immediately after towel drying my hair. I let that sit for about 5 minutes, then I apply some heat protectant to the ends of my hair before blow drying. I only dry about 85% then I let it air dry. Because of my thin hair I don't get volume so blow drying is the only way I can lift the roots of my hair up more, otherwise my hair will look so flat! I have been using the hair masque for 2 years now and nothing else compares to it - it is so hydrating and nourishing, and it has helped keep my hair looking healthy. What it doesn't do though, is promote hair growth, and this is ultimately why I'm so excited for the Activating Serum! 

How I use the activating serum: One week prior to starting the use of this serum I stopped using my hair masque completely to reset my hair a bit. Then I started using the serum by applying it directly to my scalp where my hair parts. I followed the instructions exactly and applied one dropper full along the scalp on semi-damp towel dried hair. I was expecting the tingling feeling that I had read about, but even then it was still quite an interesting sensation. After the first time I started to look forward to the cool tingling feeling on my scalp. It's hard to explain but it's really soothing! As of right now it is too early to tell if it's working, but I will be using this every other night after washing my hair. I'll check back in after the 2 week mark so stay tuned!


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