Get ready for lip swatches and the best shade names I’ve seen in a minute. INC.redible has a wide variety of affordable and exciting lip products so here is my not-so-quick first-impressions.
💋Jelly Shot (It was only a kiss/Watch me go/Ex revenge/Just be me)
This one won me over just by the looks. So pretty! On top of that they all have a minimal tint and are super moisturizing. Quite the impressive lip balm to pull out of your purse…
💋Lip Trippin (Friyay feeling/Rainbow chasing/Busy unicorning)
These buildable, bold, full-unicorn lip shades are perfect to wear to your Friday night shenanigans ;)
💋In a Dream World Iridescent Lip Gloss (Stayin mad & magical/Mermaid Tantrums)
You heard right, these iridescent glosses brought out my dreamy little girl voice. Stayin mad & magical is pigmented enough to be worn alone and Mermaid tantrum is a perfect sheer, shimmery gloss.
💋Pushing Everyday Semi-Matte Lip Click (Uh Hullo/Oh hey/Not right now)
The shade names complete the experience. They are pigmented, moisturizing and a good mix of bold and everyday shades. Would definitely reach for these on days I don’t want a full matte lip.
💋Matte My Day Liquid Lipstick (Fake it till you make it/I’m very busy/Endless ambition)
These are some bossy colors with some bossy names. As you can see, they apply super smooth and dry down to a full coverage matte that doesn't look crusty at all.
💋Foiling Around Metallic Liquid Lipstick (Bitches be like/Turn me up, turn me on)
Unlike some metallic lipsticks that apply super patchy and grainy, these are smooth and only need one or two swipes to get the full color payoff. I love the color Turn me up, turn me on.
💋Glazin Over Lip Glaze (Everyday selfie/My Mantra)
Last but certainly not least. These non-sticky, high shine babies that come in 14 shades are so comfortable and stunning, it’s ridiculous.  Finishing this lip swatch & review off really strong.

💯💯💯INC.redible really DID THAT! Seven formulas and I don’t have anything bad to say about them. Not everyone needs 7 types but I hope you find this video useful in helping you pick out what’s perfect for you!

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