Almay Goddess Gloss Review 💗😇

Do you love makeup? Well, I have some good news for you - you're in the right place! Today I am going to review Almay's Goddess Gloss.

🤩📦Packaging: First and foremost, I am in LOVE with this product's packaging. Look at that holographic glow! I tried to capture it as best as I could, but it's even more stunning in person! I love all things holo so I just had to pick this up.

😂👃🏻Scent: It smells vaguely of cotton candy, but I'm not sure that that was intentional.

💄💞 Ease of Use: This gloss is very easy to use! Just a few swipes and you'll be looking like a goddess in no time! 

✨👍🏻 Effectiveness: It's perfect for everyday glam or subtle shimmer! It's shiny, sparkly, and glossy. It looks great upon application. My only complaint is that it is a little sticky. However, I think that the color and the sparkles make up for it.

💁🏻💓Other: I bought this product in the shade Fairy (600) and picked it up from my local CVS.

😄👍🏻 Pros:

- Pretty packaging

- Smells pleasant

- Good coverage

- Inexpensive ($10.29)

- Available in a variety of shades (12)

😔👎🏻 Cons

- Slightly sticky

😍💕  Final Impression: Must have!

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  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Great sounding product! great review of it also

  • Pauline

    Hey Kay, found your posts while trailing for "new following". About Almay lip gloss I liked your honesty about this product. I love Almay. I have tried them for makeup in the past. I love trying all lip gloss's out there and I'am happy it's cotton candy tasting. Want to try this product.

  • Kelly K

    Great detailed review!! I love cotton candy so I'm probably going to have to try this out! That pink shade is very pretty and looks like something I would definitely wear. Thanks again for the review. Also would you mind following me back please? Thanks so much!