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Am I seeing double?? Ardell???Is that you??NOPE

Hey everyone! Its Nicole and I just had to talk about this *Salon Perfect eyebrow kit that I purchased for around $5 on Amazon.com...Looks a little familiar doesn't it??? I couldn't believe my confusion when I swore up and down that I had another featured prismpop product to tag and I was blown away when the product that I thought I had was a dud. BUT I MEAN COME ON, WHAT HAPPENED HERE? WHO COPIED WHO? (I have been looking into it and can't find the release dates to these 2 products). But from what I can tell they are the SAME, only the salon perfect brand is $5 cheaper. 

I love my salon perfect eyebrow kit. The pomade really keeps my brow hairs chilling and the kit has my perfect color that I need. This also comes with an awesome eyebrow brush. Everything the Ardell eyebrow kit has to offer. ONLY HALF THE PRICE.

Thank you for viewing! Have you ever come across an identical doupe? What was it? Don't forget to drop the ♥😍and a contributing comment to earn 156 coins!Follow me if you havnt and Ill follow and show the love back!

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