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Amazing Serum for Hair Growth by Collective Laboratories



Amazing product by Collective Laboratories. this is a drop bottle with the serum inside its not gooey or sticky its very light and absorbs fast into the scalp. I recommend massaging it in with finger tips. This activating serum has ginseng and biotin which are great for improving hair health. 

I am a vegan and this product is made vegan friendly, it also has no sulfates, no parabens, its gluten and cruelty free.

Alittle information about the serum, it treats the scalp with amino acids also known as proteins, and minerals and powerful botanicals that help re-balance oil levels and maintain healthy hair growth.

I have been throught alot of stressful situtations in my life and my hair has some spots that needed this serum. Stress and health can do a number on your hair. Trust me I know.. so going into this testing i was alittle unsure how it would work for me. On a normal day I do use alot of healthy growing hair products and some very pricy. this serum is price at 39 dollars in a monthly program so thats 39 a month which isn't bad compared to other hair products that can be even more. I like the fact its natural ingredients and not things that can damage the hair or leave it dry and or overly oily. 

This product also boosts micro-circulation to the scalp's surface and re -energizes hair follicles for healthy growth. it also balances oil production. Natural hair oil is good for moisture but can cause hair follicles to become blocked and unable to grow correctly so to keep the scalp clean is important and then apply this serum by collective laboratories and it will promote hair to grow strong and healthy!

key ingredients in the serum: Ginseng Extract, Biotin, Pumpkin Seed Oil, lilac stem cells, malabar kino bark, and burdock root.

It also has been recommended in quite a few magazines like Shape, Us Weekly, Mens Journal, GQ, BeautyReport, and many others.

After a few days of using this product, I did noticed my hair seemed fuller especially by the from of my face where it tends to not grow as long cause I have curly hair thats a blend of many ethnicities.  I would shower wash my hair with shampoo thats organic and contains biotin to promote healthy hair and no breakage then conditioner and then rinse and pat dry then add serum in circular motion til absorbed. I think this may be something new to add to my daily hair products. I am so impressed I couldn't wait to share with everyone!

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