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Amazing Touch In Sol Primers!!!

Thanks to Prismpop I received All these goodies from Touch In Sol free of charge for a review in exchange.
No Poreblem Primer-This primer has got to be my new favorite primer!!!  So far I’ve had this primer on for 7+ hours, been running errands, and cooking! And so far so good!!!! Surprisingly, This primer is keeping up even with this hot weather. I was scared I will end up a hot mess but in reality, the only problem area is my T-Zone (I have combination skin, with an oily T-Zone). This primer has a very faint scent, the texture is a thick cream and when rubbing in starts feeling velvety! 😍 love how this makes my makeup look!
The Mission Complete Mild Scrub-This scrub has an easy to use squeeze tube and cap! You just need a penny size for your whole face. The texture to this is creamy and you can feel little bits of particles that melt in the more you rub it on your face and then turns to a peeling gel! How cool is that? I find it interesting. This leaves your face feeling clean and soft after. Love it!
All-In-One Beauty Aid Cream-This cream is amazing!! Has a mild minty scent to this! Packaging is an easy to use squeeze tube. I loved using this after a face cleanse before going to bed. It’s a thick cream with a non-oily feeling afterward!!! I have combination skin with an oily T-Zone and this seems to help that!!! My face feels fresh and clean and non-oily!! Love it!!
The Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm-This face balm is amazing!!! Although I do have combination skin with an oily T-zone this seems to help have a natural dewy look to the skin!! I love using this on its own when not wanting to do my makeup. Because this seems to make my makeup cake up! 😭 I did like the natural highlight it gives!!
No Poreblem Water Essence- This primer is awesome!!! The only thing I didn't like was the packaging! Since it's a watery texture this slides out real quick when opened! (Loss of product) but other than that love it! Has a light scent to it nothing overpowering! And leaves face feeling tacky which is great for a primer!! This leaves my makeup on all day long!!!
Thanks for the opportunity to try out Touch in Sol Products for PrismPop! 

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  • Jaxgma

    Still looking for my perfect primer and concealer. Beautiful baby.

  • Sarah Dodd

    I would love to try this product. Really needing a great primer

  • Myshell

    I love a good primer , They full in all the little fine lines and wrinkles in my face and really make me look younger

  • Joyce

    Great reviews! I want to try some of these products now!

  • Adah

    I’m glad I found something that has a good squeeze tub less mess!!

  • Rachael Tam

    This is a great review! I love Touch in SOL! My favorite product from this set was the No Pore Blem Primer. I also have combo skin so this primer made my Tzone look more matte than oily. I am able to use any kind of foundation over it which is amazing. If you have combo skin and an oily Tzone like me, then you should try IT Cosmetics 'Your skin but better' Primer Oil-Free! It is absolutely wonderful. It gives my skin a matte look and lasted all day without looking greasy. My other favorite is Estee Lauder 'The Smoother' Primer. It does almost the same thing as the IT Cosmetics Primer but literally smooths your skin and blurs your pores. They both are great. Anyways, thank you for this great review! Keep up the great work!

  • Jesica Dillon

    Oh so u have a great skin but the primer does work wonders too. Great detailed review thanks

  • Roshanda

    It looks like you had fun testing these products especially The Mission Complete scrub! Would love to test some of these too

  • Shell🐚Bee🐝

    Would love to try!

  • makeuplover09

    I want to try these products!

  • Robin Bell

    You really don’t need to use anything on your skin it’s absolutely flawless

  • Jykevia Pritchard

    Very pretty 🙂😊😊🙌🙌

  • Rita Whirls

    These products sound great, I want to try them all.

  • sally peabody

    These products are sensational each and everyone ! This glassy skin balm I have seen reviewed before and this is a product I truly want ! I love your descriptions especially the one on the mild scrub. The fact that you said it becomes a peeling gel is excellent. No where in the products description does it say that. I had to go to ingredients and see why. Fruit acids and several at that. Blueberry extract is a new one for me. I love blueberries but never thought they could get an acid from them. Great news to me and your wording got my attention. I would use this. Excellent review..the pictures and descriptive details are very well done Thank you !!

  • Joan Lopez

    This review give a detail use of primer, scrub,cream and balm. This review described the goodness of this product and the areas that may not so useful depending in the kind of skin. I will like to try some of the products. This review was very useful.

  • Teri Freeman

    Thank you for such informative product reviews! I am ready to try a few of these now!

  • Tamara Poole

    Great review with a lot of detail and useful information. Love your descriptions

  • Christine Crain Dehoyos

    I really like Minerva's review. She describes the products so well.

  • Micheala

    This is a great review and it makes me interested in trying the products out for my self thanks

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    great review and photos of these products.

  • Helinoftroy

    Amazing review, great details. I have to say your little costar is totally stealing the show though haha

  • Starlina Cruz

    I love it. It leaves my face so smooth & my pores are less with it. I wish they had a bigger container of it. 🥰

  • Bonita kasee

    Nice review of the primers, I really wanna try these, so guess I'll purchase them, just so I can lol love your review, I like the way u lay it out, great job

  • Pauline

    Nice layout of all primer, cream, scrub and glassy balm. Well written review. Liked the pictures and love all the products too. Want to try these.