AMOREPACIFIC COLOR CONTROL CUSHION: Lightweight but beautiful🌟 🌟

🤔If you are not familiar with the idea of cushion foundation/compact yet (Hello, where have you been?), it’s essentially liquid foundation saturated in a foam and housed in a compact. It’s liquid foundation on-the-go: designed to be ultra portable, easy to apply and touch up throughout the day and foolproof speedy application.
🏢AmorePacific is the largest cosmetic company in Korea🇰🇷, operating a wide range of well-known Korean beauty brands, and AmorePacific itself is one of its high-end brands. I picked up the AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ /PAduring my trip to Seoul late last year.🌍
Color Control Cushion Compact from AMOREPACIFIC_1
Standard Pad - Same as all other cushion foundations you have seen in the market, the AmorePacific Color Control foundation can be applied with the standard pad that comes with it – mine is quite unpleasantly dirty looking now. It’s my go-to application method if I only have 5 minutes in the morning, a few dabs on the forehead and cheeks, and you are done.
🖌Dense Buffing Brush - If I have a bit more time, then my preferred method is using a stubby and dense buffing brush (BeautyBlender doesn’t really work well with this cushion foundation), such as the Real Techniques buffing brush or Zoeva 102 silk finish brush. Both are able to pick up the right amount of product and apply beautifully.

It provides light coverage with one application, but buildable to medium coverage, though I personally think this product looks and performs at its best when used as light coverage – you cannot even tell you are wearing it. 

It’s ultra lightweight, feels comfortable on the face, evens out skin tones and more miraculously, it blurs the imperfections and pores while providing a realistic, healthy glow to the complexion🌟 (think of that dewy look you see on Korean girls) – on the days I’m wearing this foundation, I often skip highlighter all together.
💯⁉️How it manages to provide just light coverage, but at the same time makes your skin looking healthier is something I have no clue of, but definitely no complains. 
However, similar to other AmorePacific products, this cushion foundation does have a pretty strong scent, which may annoy some of you. But I’m not one sensitive to scents, so this is not a deal breaker for me.
⬇️As you can see from the before & after photos below, the coverage is quite minimum (the redness on the high points of my cheek bone still peeks through), but it brightens my complexion, lightens the dark circle and just overall makes me look a bit more awake and less tiring.

Color Control Cushion Compact from AMOREPACIFIC_2
Color Control Cushion Compact from AMOREPACIFIC_3
Side By Side
Color Control Cushion Compact from AMOREPACIFIC_2
For combo to dry skin:
I have combination to dry skin, and don’t find this cushion foundation clings to or accentuates any dry patches, no product bunches up around the corner of my nose. It lays beautifully on top of my skin and blends in almost invisibly.👀
Color Control Cushion Compact from AMOREPACIFIC_5

For combo to oily skin: If you have combination to oily skin, you may want to lightly dust some setting powder over the T-zone. Once it’s set, I find the longevity of this foundation quite impressive (especially considering it’s very lightweight and light coverage). It lasts me from 8am to 6pm with minimum wear off, and doesn’t require touch up, which is definitely a win in my book.

☀️☀️I also love the fact it has SPF 50+. I’m a SPF frantic if I haven’t mentioned already – I don’t go a day without SPF, even if I’m just laying on the sofa and binge watching Netflix for an entire day at home, so some additional SPF protection is always embraced with joy by me.

Bottom Line
👍I’m actually already on my second one of this cushion foundation – it comes with a refill when purchased, if you are wondering. Comparing to traditional liquid or cream foundations, I do notice cushion foundations tend to finish up much faster (mine lasted 3-4 months with almost daily use).
💰One more thing to note is that the AmorePacific line seems to be much less expensive in Korea than it is in the US, so if you are having a trip to Korea, definitely recommend picking up this cushion foundation, it really is quite lovely.



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