Easy trick to Apply False Lashes in Under 1 Minute!!

Hey everyone today I am going to show you how I apply false lashes in one easy step using LASH GLUE by !
I use this trick every time that I apply lashes. I find it so easy to apply lashes this way and don't think that I will ever use another technique until there is a robot that does my lashes perfect🤣
Application: I use lash glue that has a small brush rather than the one where I have to push the glue out of the tube because it helps me place the glue on the band evenly. 
After I place the glue I wait a couple of seconds to let it get tacky and then place it on my eyelids. I find that letting the glue dry a little bit is such a helpful way to ensure that the lash will not fall off at all. 
I then grab the lash and place it on my eyelid and I make sure to feel the glue on my lashline and push the lash into place. This takes less than a minute and leaves your false lashes secure and looking beautiful! 
I hope you enjoy my trick to make false lashes easier! If you like my tips and tricks make sure to follow me on PrismPop for more!

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