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An Extroverts Guide to Involuntary Solitude--5 Self Care Tips!

Social distancing is hard for most people, but what about when you're naturally extroverted? 🤔
How do you recharge solo, when you've spent a lifetime being social & leaning on others for support through difficult times? 
Let me start off by saying, if you're struggling with the changes we are going through, you're not alone. 💛 So many of us are having a difficult time right now, but I promise you--we can do hard things.
With my time as an extrovert in involuntary solitude, I've found some little ways to help get through the days. Hopefully they help you too!

1. Starting a Meditation Practice 

Making time to meditate daily has helped my stress levels more than anything else. Each day I take at least 20 minutes to do a guided meditation I've found online. There are endless options, with many of them being targeted towards specific concerns such as insomnia, anxiety, self confidence, healing, ect. If meditation isn't for you, other mindfulness practices like yoga, tai chi, progressive relaxation, and deep breathing are all wonderful options to help center yourself. 🧘‍♀️

2. Spending Time With a Pet

This sweet ball of fluff is my youngest dog, Snoopy. He is always up for a cuddle, and spending time with him helps to relax me & remind me how loved I am. If you're lucky enough to have a pet, spending time with them is a wonderful way to lower stress levels! 🐶🐾

3. Gardening

Grow something! Gardening is a fantastic way to reduce stress, lower food costs, beautify your surroundings, and help make the planet healthier. I have a growing (🤣 I couldn't help myself) collection of plants, they bring me so much joy! From the purely ornamental to the edible, growing plant life is full of benefits. Indoors they are proven to improve air quality, and they add so much charm to a home. Outside, they help pollinators 🐝 and they keep a yard from looking plain and boring. Also, have you ever tasted a vegetable you grew yourself? There's nothing better! 🌱

4. Creating Art

Painting, or really any type of creative expression, is essential for self care, in my opinion. For me, blending colors together to create something beautiful is cathartic. If painting isn't your style, drawing, crafting, journaling, knitting, writing poetry, or scrapbooking are all wonderful ways to provide self care to your creative side. 🎨

5. Getting Quality Sleep

While insomnia might make this easier said than done, getting quality sleep is peak self-care goals. For me, the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from This Works helps me get to sleep quickly, and stay asleep throughout the night. Before using it, I was waking up between 2 and 3 times a night, which left me exhausted still in the morning. 😴 It contains lavender, chamomile, and vetivert which combine together to make the dreamiest scent that has me fast asleep in minutes! Other ways to hack your way to quality sleep include turning off electronics, avoiding caffeine, using a weighted blanket, guided meditation, progressive relaxation, and drinking a warm cup of chamomile or lemon balm herbal tea. ☕

These self-care practices combined together have helped make social distancing so much more manageable for me, despite my extrovert tendencies. I still crave time together with friends, but it doesn't seem as overwhelming when I regularly take the time to do these activities. I hope they help you too! 💛

Share your social distancing self-care tips in the comments below! Don't forget to react and follow if you enjoyed this post 🥰

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  • Tracy Olsen

    I want to try!

  • Caer

    I wanna try this product, this looks so awesome!!

  • Daisy

    Can’t relate. I’m an introvert. The hacks that you used were pretty great though! I may use them. Thank you for the post!

  • Rita Whirls

    Great tips, got some good ideas from your post. Thanks. May have to try the pillow spray.

  • Naf

    Great post! This is amazing, even though I consider myself an introvert. Great tips eh!

  • Pauline

    Your absolutely right about getting back to nature and enjoying the simple things that open our eyes. Exercising and meditation rules! I like reading and painting in drawings. I like puzzles and online games too. Have not been into games just card playing. Love all my pets at home non-conditional love to give kittens. Liked your inspiration and beautiful photo's to inspire us. TFSharing.

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Amazing post. I dont feel taking care of ourselves is spotlighted enough. Great tips and amazing photos.

  • Bonita kasee

    Awsome post, especially at this time, and I didn't really know the pillow spray existed, so now I do, funny story, My grandson is 8, he came to visit for the weekend, he says ...gma, I have stuff to spray on my pillow that makes me go to sleep, bc I have a hard time sleeping, I said oh ok! Lol so I'm getting him ready for bed, I get his jammies outta his overnight bag, and I see this bottle of spray, I said what's this easton? My grandson name is easton , he says gma that's the stuff to make me sleep, lol it was actually a bottle of mens body mist, 🤣🤣 so cute!! As long as he believed it, it helped, lol

  • Stefany Scaggs

    I love how neat and how different this post is. Sometimes we forget that we need time for our selves to relax not worry about our looks not worry about anything like that just mental and physical relaxation. Sorry I posted twice I sent my other post to soon accidentally.

  • Marlena Fannin

    Great self-care tips. I really don't have any tips for what I do to relax. I do like to experiment with new makeup looks since I have been at he more. I also try to cleanse my face every morning n night.

  • Stefany Scaggs

    Great way to spend time just for you and relax. I spend the with my little guy spike. He's such a cutie. Little min pin but it really relaxes me. Thanks for great info I'll try done those. Things

  • Katie

    You are so pretty!! This seems like a awesome self care routine!! I actually used to love using art..coloring/painting to relax, but kinda fell out of it as I got older. Been wanting to get back into that lately.

  • Asti Custard

    Definitely got number 2 (spending time with your pets) down great during this social distancing period! Their getting spoiled with the extra 5 walks a day and I am looking into a pet stroller type of thing that I can get my rescue baby kitty- (not so little anymore now) to be able to take her for walks or along outside with us and the doggie!

  • Joylynn Grindle

    awesome tips. thank you for sharing

  • Melissa Darlene Birri

    What great tips, thank you. You are beautiful!

  • Rose Katz

    🥰This is great. I love painting too. My garden is getting so big this year! Do you just flowers, or do you do fruits and veggies too? I get so excited when I find fellow gardeners. Thanks for the great tips!!! 🥰

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