Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Medium Brown

Anastasia Beverly Hills makes the Dip brow pomade  for girls on the go who do not have time to constantly be re-filling in or messing with their eyebrows throughout the day! The staying power of this is unmatched, in my opinion. I can do an hours worth of cardio and not worry about my eyebrows melting off by the time I'm finished. I can swim without worrying that I'll come back up with no eyebrows 👀 and this products lasts soooo long! One container lasts me about 6 months and that's with me filling in my entire brow every single day. The price is literally unbeatable for how long the product lasts. I literally recommend this to everyone and ever since trying this for the first time four years ago, I haven't gone back to anything else. This is an absolute "MUST HAVE" in my makeup bag.

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