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Anastasia Beverly Hills Loose Glitter (Review/Look)

***I wanted to start by saying I am not a professional at makeup by any means but I do love playing in it and I do love love love Glitter***

 Here is  my review on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Looose Glitter Kit which came out this last Winter 2019 I bought this off their website.

 I really enjoy these Glitters which come in a set of 5 with a clear adhesive which I love. The adhesive is a nice one too it's not too harsh or not harsh at all really. You could use a lot and it won't make your eyes all messed up and gooey if you know what I mean. Kind of like eyelash glue would at least I've had some experience with some eye lashes and gooeyness. Anyways lol back to the good part the glitter. Like I said they come with a set of 5 all which are white. Which totally makes it difficult to know what the color of the glitter it's going to be. Because once it hits the adhesive it then shows the actual color of the glitter kinda neat yes! Confusing totally lol. BUT I'm a total airhead who didn't realize that on the back of the box it shows each color with the name of the glitter. (I just figured that out right before writing this review) lol each of the bottles have a little sticker with the names on them. So be sure to not take those stickers off and maybe keep the box as well. I'm totally glad I kept mine. 

 Overall my first impression of the glitter was I wasn't overly impressed to be honest but the more I've practiced with them the more I've fallen in love! They're great and small and not chunky at all so if you get one or two in your eye by accident it doesn't kill ya! I'd totally recommend these Glitters to others looking for a good quality glitter.

Hope everyone has enjoyed my review again I'm not a professional and even not a professional review writer by I try! If you enjoyed please like the post and show your interest in the product. Also if you could please follow me I always follow back! ♥️ Thanks everyone! You rock.


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  • Sabrina

    Love, love, love this! Especially to see how it can actually be used. You did a great job, you look stunning! 💜

  • Sarah

    These looks absolutely fab!! Definitely want to get these love glitter!!