Holiday Vibes Fit for the Summertime! | ABH Sultry Palette

I’m so excited to be reviewing ABH’s Sultry eye palette. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous, the cardboard box is covered in bronze, glistening glitter, so cute! This is definitely a palette I’ll be leaving out on my vanity, ABH definitely has a great handle on packaging, so let’s dive right into the shadows!

⭐The palette comes with fourteen colors, primarily nudes, neutrals, and super sparkly shimmer shadows (try saying that five times fast). From left to right, On the top we have: Fresh, Pearl, Steampunk, Rose Quartz, Ember, Bloom and Birch. On the bottom row are: Cinder, Twig, Teak, Dystopian, Cyborg, Slate, and Noir.

🎨I swatched all the colors on my arm to see how they look out of the palette and on my skin, and WOW! I am amazed by the pigment in these colors. I swatched them outside (since natural lighting is, you know, all the rage) and the colors still come out pigmented and easy to see. Birch and twig are definitely my favorite neutrals, they look exactly like they do in the palette when applied on the skin. Almost all the colors came out great and applied as smoothly as butter onto my skin.

⚠️The colors Fresh and Dystopian looked a little patchy and felt a little more powdery than I like, but hey that’s still 12/14, I’ll take it!

⭐Cyborg is definitely my favorite shimmer shadow, it’s a dazzling silver shadow that makes me feel like I’m applying teeny tiny diamonds to my eyes. The finely ground glitter packs a serious punch and is the perfect shade for the final details of an eye look that really bring it all together. I like to put a little in the inner corner of my eyes almost like a highlighter, it adds so much depth and really makes an eye look stand out.

🤑The Sultry Palette retails for $45, a lot, I know. However, I’d rather make an investment on a great palette that I can use daily and will last me a long time, than buy multiple drugstore shadows I’ll give up on after the first try.
👍In my opinion, the palette is worth the price since it is valuable both for everyday looks and for a sparkly night out.

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