Anastasia Beverly Hills x Alyssa Edwards Palette Review ♡

Hello makeup lovers! GURL, I am so excited to finally share a review of the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Alyssa Edwards palette collaboration! This palette is a limited-edition that features Alyssa's must-have colors and retails for $45. This palette is also cruelty free.

I love the hot pink packaging of this palette! This palette also comes with a makeup brush which I actually love to use. This palette comes with three shimmery metallic shades, eleven matte shades. Texas Made, Dream It, BBDC, and Believe are pressed pigments.

❤ Headliner - A bright matte white shade.
❤ Inspire - A metallic champagne gold shade.
❤ Unicorn Tribe - A matte cool plum pink shade.
❤ Brick Road - A matte primary yellow shade.
❤ Texas Made - A matte fuchsia hot pink pressed pigment shade. ❤ Dream It - A matte royal blue pressed pigment shade.
❤ Back Rolls - A warm matte chocolate brown shade.
❤ The Supreme - A matte deep peach shade.
❤ H.O.E. - A matte neutral taupe shade.

❤ D.D.G. - A metallic violet with silver flecks.
❤ B.B.D.C. - A matte deep cool aubergine pressed pigment. ❤ Beyond - A warm metallic fuchsia.
❤ Believe - A violet purple pressed pigment.
❤ Beast - A matte blackest black shade.

And here are the swatches! The only shades that I noticed swatched lightly were Headliner, Unicorn Tribe, Dream It, BBDC, and Believe and you would definitely have to build these shades up for more pay off. Headliner wasn't as bright as I was hoping it be. I also noticed that these shadows didn't have much dusty kickback like I am used to with other ABH palettes. Most shadows were easy to blend and work with besides the black shade Beast being a little more difficult to work with. I also noticed that all three of the metallic shades work best when applying with your fingers.
Final Thoughts: Even though some shades were a bit tricky to work with and figuring out the best methods to apply the metallic shades I'm actually fairly happy with this palette. I like how you can go from a soft, natural look to an over the top bold look! I would recommend this palette if you have patience to try and play with the colors and if you're a fan of the larger than life Alyssa Edwards. I really feel like they did the best they could do with this palette!
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