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And the Wrinkles are not noticeable..

I received this product in the mail for anti ageing. It's called Strivectin I was very sceptial as always you know product claims.well a few days went on and I looked at it again and thought what do I have to loose.the packaging was nice the tube was kind of small and I thought what the heck.iv had problems w clensers and after clensing products so I did try it after maybe 4days I started noticing a difference in my face I thought did I turn back time.Strvectin isn't oily it's a nice cream very light not noticeable a.little horse along way. So after maybe a week my brother asked me what have you done to your face I was like huh your doing looks so smooth and shiney and rehydrated I was like really she called her fiance in the room and asked look at her what do you see.he said first of all what am I looking for lol.she told him her face .Her fiance was like she doese look younger.mi rest my case..I'm still using the same tube of Strivectin I highley recommend this product it does all it clams animal free etc.the only problem and don't laugh I got it in the mail as a sample so I don't know the price.well it was in a store monthley make up box..I will find out how much it is as I am going to look it up to re order..have a good day.thank you for reading my post...

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  • Lovie Croll

    Wow thanks for your post A wrinkle cream that works I'll add it to the top of my list!

  • sally peabody

    Strivectin became a huge hit in the 90's. I know it well. It was designed as a cellulite cream and someone used it on their face and it became a one hit wonder. I see they have expanded into hair. I was not impressed as it sold in Department stores for well over $ 100. Back then I was working Cosmetics so I sold it but for me I saw nothing great. I am sure they have improved it by selling it to another big company. Just thought it's history might be interesting. It sold out everywhere at first. Then went away and now it is back. Wow great review !

  • Y-D-O-J

    This is something I have been looking for that really works!! Thank you for your review and your add!! I added you also. Do you know the price range on a regular size?

  • Bonita kasee

    Nice! Some of the best product are free! Lol thanks for sharing, I have problem with dry skin, and just all around dull, lines and wrinkles, would this be a good product for me?

  • Ann Thomas

    Sounds like a good product!