Answer to all your lip plumping prayers

Lancome's L'ASOLU Mademoiselle Balm is the answer to all your lip plumping prayers. It provides a sheer to buildable wash of color to the lips, and gently plumps the lips without any stinging or burning. I have tried many lip plumpers and have to say this balm is the best and most comfortable one I have ever used.  I believe this is a must have for any makeup artist's or makeup lovers arsenal.  Couldn't find the product to tag on PrismPop, so here is a link to the product on Sephora: https://www.sephora.com/product/lancome-l-absolu-mademoiselle-lip-balm-P456546

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    I got these toooo

  • Arlana C.

    Ohh I will definitely try it

  • Jennie

    Oh ill sed have to try this now. I've tried many plumper in the past but seriously none ever really physically did anything but tingle or itch. My bottom lip I Ile now my top lip,not so much so I just want to find one product that can just give me a little boost. I know there are no miracles in a bottle but just looking for a lol sum thing,you know? So I think ill give it a try. What do you think?

  • Missy Oakley

    I seen these in store and wondered if they were any good. Lip plumpers usually burn my lips to much to use, so I like that it sounds like this one doesn't do that. Thanks 💜