Anti-Aging in a Serum? Amazing drops from Cover FX

‼ I am positively obsessed with this face oil. It's a primer and serum from Cover FX called Radiance C + Lemongrass of the Custom Infusion Drops line.
✨ This is the most moisturizing and anti-aging product I've found on the market!
🗓 30 days on this serum dramatically reduced the appearance of fine lines where I smile.
🌵 I have dry skin so I love a good boost of hydration before going out.
💦 I don't wear a ton of makeup so it doesn't act as a primer for me, it's more like a concentrated moisturizer.
💯 I can't recommend this enough! Let me know if you use any face oil serums or anti-aging products in the comments 😁 & follow me here on PrismPop for more!

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