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Avajar LED Korean Sheet Mask || #glowmask : A Favorite for Combo Skin

Hey Guys! 

I am back with another post! My favorite and most recently tried #glowmask has been this one that Avajar sent me complimentary to try out! I recently posted my first impressions video (you can check it out on my profile) here and I loved it so much, I kept using it weekly as a part of my skincare routine!


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The Mask is very affordable as it only costs 8 bucks for a 5 Pack! 


I am an acne prone and combination skinned beauty and I noticed 0% irritation or sensitivity/breakouts. Usually when I use products that are made to hydrate, my skin gets over oily or breaks out which sucks, but I finally found something that not only can avoid these but also shorten my skincare routine when using! (First picture is before photo)


Steps to Using this Mask:



(2nd Picture) Cleanse with your basic cleanser and dry. I am using Dr. Zenovia's Hormonal Dermotology Clear Complexion 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Cleanser with 360 Complex. It targets hormonal acne, which I didn't know I had until I started using it and noticed significant results.



(On the packaging Step 2 is to apply lotion to the face for smooth spplication but I didn't want to do this and skipped this step.) I went ahead and applied the mask (serum was a yellow cream tint) and smoothed it out with my fingers.



After applying, wait 20-30 minutes and take off, rubbing in the excess cream serum left on your skin. Massage down to the neck and for me, I was DONE!


The CREAM Serum moisturizes and hydrates so I don't need any serum or night moisturizer after using. Shortens my time, routine and saves money in the pockets!


You can check this product out here:


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