AvaJar Perfect V Lifting Mask

Avajar perfect V Lifting premium mask is a single use face lifting mask. Each box comes with 5 lifting treatments. The process of the mask is fairly simple and convenient. This mask helps with reducing cellulite and helps to firm the contours of your face. You basically wrap the mask around the lower part of your face under your chin area and hang the mask behind the ears. The mask is really comfortable and not tight around the face. From my personal experience I have felt a cooling feeling in my cheeks when wearing the mask. This mask contains tartaric acid, caffeine, glaucine, and phosphatidylcholine. This mask is supposed to help your face appear more lifted and toned. Now as far as my personal experience is concerned I didn’t really notice much of any benefit or difference within my face or skin while using this mask. It honestly doesn’t seem like it does much at all. The mask doesn’t nearly feel as tight enough around the jaw line to provide any kind of benefit for lifting. I mean it is a pretty cool concept but I just haven’t seen any results personally. So this is a miss for me unfortunately....... 

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