Awesome Cleanser

I won a 2 oz week supply of Murad Acne Control Clarifying Cleanser from social@murad.  I am so pleased with this cleanser.  It has a wonderful cool cleanliness.  My face feels so clean after I use it.  I honestly feel with regular use, this product would definitely control ance.  I do recommend this product.

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  • Stefany Scaggs

    I have Murad acne control clarifying cleanser. Mine is a gel and it is great. It helps mimmize appearance of pores and acne scares and it is awesome cleanser. I can feel the cooling acid working when I apply it. Thanks for the post!!

  • Sarah Wennihan

    Everything I've tried from them has been phenomenal. I have one from this line, but it's a gel cleanser (not sure if it's this one or not). My kid and I both love it

  • Kelly K

    I won this to and loved it! It works amazingly at clearing up acne! It also has a refreshing, tingling sensation which I felt definitely ment the product was working. Left my face feeling clean and smooth every time with seriously no signs of acne! I highly recommend this product too!