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Was having some issues with saggy jaws,  and wrinkles, decided  to try this, thought it would  be another  one of those products  that make big promises,  but dont, lol 

Much to my surprise, this actually  works!!  I seen the retinol oil, which is supposed  to be great, and it actually  is, 

I had some sagging in my jaws, and a bunch of wrinkles, especially  around my mouth and chin, and it says not immediate results,  but I tell ya, I seen a difference  with one use, been using for about 3 days now, I put in bf bed, and after I was my face in morning  time, and I cant believe the difference,  wow! 

It's an oil, it hydrates,  my face, I dont think I need any other moisturizer,  lol its hydrates  really well!!

My skin is so much brighter,  and definitely  younger looking, the box says after a weeks use, but like I said been using for about  3 days, and I'm amazed! I definitely  recommend,  for any age, even for just a moisturizer,  but it really brightens  your skin also, I love it does that to!! 

Ladies I tell ya I just cant say enough  about it, I'm 54 yrs young, now that I found this, lol I was 54 yrs old, until I found this lol 



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  • Sara Lord

    I love this stuff, also !! Great review 🤩

  • Pauline

    As we all know we can't stop the nature of things happening to our skin. It must be the collagen within, that keeps a youthful looking skin. I have seen it in older people. They never show age on their skin. Mmm. Neutrogena is my all time favorite product that I trust completely. Rapid Wrinkle Repair Oil sounds like it really worked for you. I would try it too.