I read up on BABEBOX before I got it, I knew that this could go completely left, but I did it anyways to just see how it was. So for starters the deal was this: Get the 1st month free and recieve over $80 worth of beauty products that are all vegan and cruelty free, just pay shipping!!! So, for that price I said "cooool". BUT in the fine print, it states that if I don't get the next months box, I will be charged in full for this original shitty box...But I got it knowing this. The box is originally $36 including the shipping. I think that is an outrageous price for this particular box, considering they hooked me up with expired AF eyebrow hair extensions, knock off *Maybeline Baby skin, A face mask with no brand, and 2 CHEAP FOCOLLURE products. This box wasn't even worth $20 let alone $80. This box is a scam, but I WILL get out of this, BET!

The expired AF product


I really want you guys to listen to me on this one. I repeat, I repeat.. PLEASE DO NOT GET THIS BOX... All the crappy reviews are 100% accurate, and I only got it to see if the rumors are true. The proof is in the pudding. Thank you so much for viewing! I hope this one reaches everyone, because this is a freaking problem! No- one has replied back and nobody is answering the phone after 24 hrs, but I WILL keep you posted, with the babebox response and hopefully I can dodge any further box from these swindlers. I will see you soon. ✌


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  • Kate D.

    Oh my goodness that's crazy, Nicole!! That's so weird that you're posting about this now. Last week, I almost fell for this. Well, I did, but then I accidentally came across a couple of bad reviews that were saying the same thing about forcing you to get the next box. That's absolutely ridiculous. I've never heard of a sub box brand doing this before. As I kept reading about it, I discovered that the products unb the box are all trash by Chinese knockoff brands Follaculure, or however you spell it. Right at, I recognized that brand name. I had seen it on Wish! That's when I said oh noooo! I immediately got in contact with Babebox, and I asked them to cancel my order right away. They gave me the refund for the shipping, and I won't be getting this scam box! This just seems like it's illegal, don't you think?? Even if it's not illegal, it's surely unethical. Thank you for this post! Everyone needs to know to watch out for this brand and not order from them!

  • Melissa Griffith

    OMG, I almost got this because of the free month offered. So glad I didn't because I did not read the fine print. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention, because I am sure with my subscription box addiction, I would have eventually purchased this box. If the company won't make things right with you and still insist on trying to charge you for future boxes I would contact your bank, and let them know you were scammed by this company and that you want no other charges being debited from your account to this brand. If they won't do that I would report your card lost and get a new card with new number issued. They can't charge you if that number is no longer correct. Or you may be able to change your payment info on the site to keep from incurring another charge. Hope it works out for you, because that box is definitely not worth paying $37, what you had to pay for shipping was even too much for expired products.

  • Christy

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!! One lessbox I have to think about!

  • Fountains Kelly

    There should be an option to report sites like this. How terrible! Thanks for sharing.

  • Karlee

    Ohmygod. Those lashes. Look... scary....