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Baby doll

You want my honest review? It's worth every penny. I bought this back when I worked in a warehouse with no air conditioning during the summer. My job was physically demanding and I was SWEATING. Halfway through my 12 hour shift I go to the bathroom to find that I had sweat off pretty much all of my makeup EXCEPT this concealer. I looked like a reverse raccoon with light skin around my eyes from this concealer and dark smudgy makeup everywhere else. This outlasted all of my other makeup in a hundred degree heat for twelve hours. Its now my favourite go to concealer. My only recommendation is that if you plan to wear it, wear it with makeup that will last, or you'll look as ridiculous as I did by the time I left work.

The above photo was taken before I started work, unfortunately I didn't take an after photo because I wasn't about to have that hot mess on my phone.

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