Baby Foot Dupe! For under $3

If you want soft baby feet without the $25 price tag? Look no further!!! A Baby Foot Dupe....Earth Therapeutics Soft and Soothing Peeling Foot Mask works just as well and is only $2.97 at Wal-Mart! Whatttt!!!???? For dead, dry, calloused skin that just won't go away with a pumice stone, moisturizers, foot bath salts say goodbye to all those things you've tried before and grab these little foot mask booties. 

LAST Sunday ​I soaked my feet in warm water for about a half hour and then carefully slipped these babies on. I planned on leaving them on for the maximum time suggested at 90 minutes but accidentally fell asleep and had them on for 2½ hours. I was worried I might have issues but I didn't have any. By Tuesday morning my feet started peeling. I noticed in between my toes on Tuesday morning after taking a shower.  By Friday night a huge layer of dead skin on the bottom of my feet was shedding at a gross but satisfying rate. 

With Covid-19 limiting how often I can go in for a pedicure this is definitely something I'm going to consider doing from now on. For under $3 why not? Day 5

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