Bambieye mascara by Loreal

Hey! It's Nicole🤓 I just wanted to share this sweet mascara with y'all! It's the Loreal Paris Bambieye mascara, and this is a pretty decent drug store mascara that I was lucky to try for absolutely free from Viewpoints (now bzzzagent)

This mascara is waterproof to the max, I have done some crying wearing this, and I was really impressed. Minimum bleeding. Has a nice far brush and really doesn't clump at all while applying. I really like that it doesn't have that weird chemical smell either.

📦 The tube is chrome and sorta like a mirror. I totally applied the mascara using just the tube for precision. Very  cool

you can get this for $9.99 at any beauty supplier🤓

Have you tried this yet? What did you think? Wanna try? Hit the 😍❤ . Thank you for viewing! A follow for a follow ALWAYS. See y'all next time!✌

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