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12/03/2019 Update!

To ensure the quality of reviews and prevent fradulent behavior, we have updated our product reviews system to be approval based. This means...
- You will receive 300 coins for every APPROVED product review. 
- Follow the guideline below and add pictures to ensure your reviews are approved.
- New reviews will be approved as soon as we get to them, usually within 24 hours but sometimes longer.
- If your reviews are not approved they will still show up, but you will not receive 300 coins. 


Everyone loves looking to reviews to find helpful information on the product to help make purchase decisions. These categories for reviews are aimed to help you form a well-rounded opinion on the product and present a quality review of concise yet detailed information for Prismpop readers.

😍Every review needs to be approved by the Prismpop team. Whether a review will get approved is not based on whether we agreed with it not, but whether the review provides a clear and substantiated point of view. Helpful reviews only!πŸ‘

Here is a detailed breakdown of what questions to keep in mind when rating the product in the following categories. This process can help make your review more helpful and earn you more points! 

πŸ“¦What do you like and not like about the packaging?
πŸ“¦ Is the packaging intuitive?
πŸ“¦ Does the packaging make the application easy?
πŸ“¦ Does the packaging do a good job of protecting the project?
πŸ“¦ Is the packaging travel friendly (if the product is intended to be used on the go)?

πŸ‘ƒDoes the product have a scent?
πŸ‘ƒ Do you find the scent reasonable for this product?
πŸ‘ƒ Does the scent add to take away from the experience of the product?
πŸ‘ƒ Is the scent artificial or natural? 

Ease of use
πŸ’™Is the texture/consistency of the product easy to work with?
πŸ’™ Is the application intuitive?
πŸ’™ Are the instructions adequate and easy to follow?
πŸ’™ Are additional tools necessary for applying this product?

🧐Does the product do what it claims to do? (Keep in mind to distinguish products that have instant results and others that need repeated use)
🧐 Does the product suit your needs? (skin concerns, specific situations, etc.)
🧐 Is the performance of the product satisfactory? (Coverage, pigmentation, longevity, etc.)

Other helpful things to include in you review…
πŸ“…How long have you been using the product?
❓Why did you purchase the product?
πŸ’ΈWould you repurchase the product?

Example reviews: 

See the following example reviews to see how easy it is to incorporate many aspects of the product into one review! 

πŸ’„Makeup – lipstick
I found my new favorite liquid lipstick! Packaging wise, it is sleek and sturdy. It is super easy to get a precise application with the pointed doe foot applicator. This is the perfect shade of rosy nude; it is very wearable and compliments my skin tone (olive with cool undertones) very well. It is pigmented and long wearing, but not drying at all. Whenever I wear this lipstick to work, I get compliments!

πŸ’§Skincare – face wash
I use this face wash every night after I remove most of my makeup. It feels creamy on the face and melts away any leftover product. My face feels clean but not stripped after I rinse it off. A little goes a long way for this face wash, an 80ml bottle lasted me a good 2 months, so I think it is worth the price! I’ll be repurchasing soon for sure. 

πŸ’†‍♀️Hair – hair mask
Since I bleached my hair 3 month ago, hair masks have become a staple in my hair routine. I use this deep conditioning treatment once a week to rejuvenate my dry & damaged hair after a long week. It is easy to rinse off and my hair immediately feels smoother and more hydrated. It doesn't leave the hair too slippery to style either, just healthier and smelling great. This is my holy grail hair mask, I’m on my second tub already. 

πŸ’…Nails – nail top coat
I get a lot of gel manicures and sometimes my nails just need a break. I use this topcoat to keep them still looking shiny and protected. It dries completely within 10 minutes, which is great for people on the go like me. I usually have this topcoat on no matter what and it holds up well, even when I’m using cleaning products. It also goes over regular nail polish beautifully, and I use it with many different brands of nail polish I own.

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