Beautiful Air from Wet n Wild

This is an exclusive Zodiac Collection from Wet n Wild it contains 3 beautiful shimmering lip colors 1 mixed eye shadow with a multi color 1 shimmering cheek powder and can't forget the small compact mirror this is such a beautiful set you can't go wrong the price is very cost effective i would highly recommend these sets.

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  • Pauline

    Interesting conception of matching to our Zodiac. Nice complete all-in-one set. Want to try Beautiful Air from Wet n Wild Co.

  • Jennie

    Do these Wet n Wild products work good for you? I know sometimes there are some cheaper brands that surprise you.

  • Amanda Lingle

    I have never seen wet and wild sell a collection like this. What store did you get it from? I love the lip colors they are all gorgeous. And the shimmering cheek powder is fun!! Have a blast trying it out.