❤️BEAUTY HACK❤️ Face Slimming V-Line Belt

So I came across this item a while ago and thought that it was complete nonsense and was just a potential cash grab item. So I decided to pass up on it but I came across a video of someone that I knew and trusted and saw that they were using it so I reconsidered trying it out. Though it might not perform the miracles that these websites claim it does provide some results and you do see a potential difference in the overall outer structure of your face. The belt strap itself has a sort of spandex material and is designed to stretch around your entire head. Their is Velcro at the top to help keep the strap together and in place during the duration you wear it. I usually wear mines for about thirty minutes to an hour but usually no longer than that because it is rather tight and can start to get uncomfortable. Please keep in mind that the strap is intended to be super tight so it can achieve that slimming look to your face. Now you won’t see results immediately more so over a period of time which is fair considering that is how it is with most products. But that doesn’t mean it is not worth the try. I personally feel like products that show immediate results aren’t usually beneficial in the long term so I’m all for being patient with the process. I’ve been using my strap daily for about two weeks now and have noticed my face slim out slightly over that time period but nothing dramatic. But I mean that’s reasonable considering it is just a strap. All this strap really does is sort of train your face into a thinner more V like structure. These straps are pretty affordable depending on where you purchase them at. I would recommend AliExpress they only cost 4$ at most on their website. I know that there are a few people that don’t really trust AliExpress as a website which is completely understandable when it comes to some of their products but I personally believe this product is safe and won’t cause any potential harm. All in all the strap works and I thought it would be nice sharing my experience I hope to see someone trying it in the future 😊😊. 

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  • Myshell

    Awesome review 👍 , I actually just bought this product and I'm going to try it for the first time tonight 😸 I honestly can't wait to give it a try