Bed Head TIGI Ego Boost split end Mender

HEY you Do you have split ends? If you do then All I can say about Bed Head TIGI Ego Boost split wnd mender is WOW OH WOW! I really wish I would have took before and after pictures of mine and my husband hair because WOW what a difference the split end mender did in a little over a month, month's wait to see how healthy my hair will look.

One of the great things about Bed Head TIGI split end mender is you can apply it to damn or dry hair as many times a day you want. Not only is it a split end mender it's also a leave in conditioner and detangler! The scent is very mild and it's a wonderful clean smell. It takes very little to cover the spots you need mended or detangles. It's in a easy to use pump bottle and it's not very expensive at all.

So like I would say to one of my friends or family members yall need to findtthe closest place to you that sells Bed Head products and get you a bottle of Bed Head TIGI Split End Mender and Leave in Conditioner! I promise you will NOT be unsatisfied with the results. #BedHead #Illbegettingmore #1happycustomer

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