I’m not what you would consider a beauty guru, but I find myself wanting to experiment more with my beauty routine lately. One area that I was really starting to struggle in, is eyeliner. For years, I’ve been able to get away with drugstore brands like NYX with great results. When I was feeling like going for a better brand, I would stick to MAC Fluidline, but my eyelids, like the rest of my face are to getting wrinkly, and I was looking worse with eyeliner on, than I did without it.
✨ Benefit Roller Liner Eyeliner ✨
So, I did what I always do, and went to Google for the answers. When I started searching for eyeliners there were countless articles hyping the launch of 
Benefit’s Roller Liner liquid eyeliner. A compliment to their highly rated Roller Lash Mascara, and well marketed, I decided to give this newly launched product a try. The result – a new holy grail product for my makeup bag.

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✔️ Easy To Apply Eyeliner
Even if you’re not skilled at applying eyeliner, this product is easy to use. The pointed felt tip magically applies the right amount of product, for an easy glide across the eyelid. My lids are starting to wrinkle, and I have a little excess skin, so sometimes that roll across my lid is a little bumpy. However, this formula glides over the bumps and makes for a seamless line.

TIP: If you mess up with your line, dip a q-tip in Aquaphor and dab it at the area you want to clean up, works like a charm.

✔️ Eyeliner That Doesn’t Feather
Since my eyelids are on a wrinkly side, my long loved NYX formula was bleeding into the creases of my eyelid instead of gliding on smooth. The result – a mess. 
Benefit Roller Liner doesn’t feather, at all.

✔️ Eyeliner That Lasts
The matte formula dries quickly, stays put, and is truly waterproof. Through an entire day there is no bleeding into the corner of my eyes, raccoon shadows under my eyes, and no sensitivity. I even use it on the waterline of my upper lid and it works great.

Is it Worth The Hype? 🤔
You darn right! This is the absolute best liquid liner I have ever used, and I will continue to use it as my top choice. That is unless someone can show me a better brand. With the success of this liner, I’ll be trying the Roller Mascara, and Eye Bright Pencil next. 

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