Cinema Secrets is where it's at guys!!



Hey everyone! Hope y'all are GREAT! You're probably here to see me spill the tea on the Cinema Secrets brush cleaner! Well here ya go! As shown in the video above (my audio was also cut out unfortunately) this brush cleaner is super fast and easy to use! No mess, no drying time, no rinsing, it's THAT EASY! 

Please take note though, this brush cleaner has a faint scent of vanilla, so if you are sensitive to fragrance this probably isn't your best option BUT it's not strong & it does obviously go away once you use your brushes a few time after they're clean! 

This brush cleaner variates in price depending which size you get from travel all the way to jumbo between $10-50! It is most certainly worth every penny and a little goes a long way!

Cinema Secrets brush cleaner can be found at Sephora, their direct website as well as other authorized retailers! (Link below)

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  • Sarah

    Wow thank you! I have been looking at cinema secrets for sometime and am very glad it works so well am definitely buying now!! Thanks so much! Also I love the smell of vanilla