Best product to calm down vitiligo

I have battle vitiligo for about 5 years now And for those who don't know what vitiligo is ,

A condition where the pigment is lost from area of skin,leaving whitish patch varying in size all over the body.with no know cure.

back to the review there some days when the white patches don't show up then there days that they are way I noticeable. Which can make anyone self consciousness about it. Especially when people stare at you . 

 I ran upon this one day at Walmart and decided to give it a try.I'm new to the skincare routine,and I might say I ahb been missing out. My skin hasn't ever look this good and fresh. I have always heard good things about olay but thought it was for older skin,not someone in there 30s. But I took the pluge and spent the $30 and bought it. It been about 2 weeks or more and I can see a improvement foreal. It shocking. I thought that I would have to just grin and bare it for the rest of my life, but I thought wring.my skin just needed some TLC. I know it will never go away but make it manageable is the key.

I used this twice a day morning and night ,I use s gentle balm like cleanser in the morning and use the serum after that. At night I have to do a little more work, I use a more foaming cleanser and a mild exfoliation with my little fave scrubber from dollar tree they work wonders.I enjoy them and my face feels fully clean after using. At next step is to use a micellier water to get off what stubborn makeup didn't come off with washing,ie mascara. Then use the serum after like a moisturizer. And it not greasy it  is a little tacky but it great for a makeup primer foundation sticks well to it. 

my fave  is refreshed and vibrant, and  I'm happy as can be. Every face and skin is different, this is my opinion,this is just what works for me .,10/10 will recommend for sure.

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  • Nicole Hoffman

    Thank you for the review

  • Daisy

    Nice review! Ty

  • sally peabody

    Wonderful review ! I am sorry you have to deal with that skin condition I know a few women who have it and that men are just as susceptible. Thank goodness there are now products to diminish it. My whole stomach is scared from a fire.So i get the embarrassment. I am lucky it did not spread further. Anyway That serum looks perfect. B3 is the best for irritated skin and Vitamin C does so much ! I need this serum I look for those two ingredients in everything. CoQ10 would help you too it energizes the cells in your body and kills bacteria and viruses. Your body makes this enzyme naturally but it is easily depleted and your cells need it to work at their best. Thank you for sharing this. I am very interested in it now !