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Bet you a head full of hair! - Collective Laboratories (after wk 4)

So after 4 weeks of trying this Activating Serum by Collective Laboratories, I have been very pleased with it. I used this serum on my scalp multiple times a week before styling my hair. I also used it a few times a week after showering. This serum is super easy to use. Because my scalp is already dry, this serum absorbed very quickly into my scalp. I didn't have the intention to grow my hair in length, but I actually wanted to eliminate the hair patches I had developed due to improper hair pin usage and constantly styling them on the same side.

The application is simple and easy; basically apply the product to scalp and massage. The product's texture is a thick consistency. After a month of usage, I still have almost half the bottle. This is because as I mentioned, I only applied it to my missing hair patches. It has a nice citrus like scent to it. The tube is easy to dispense off and since the product has a slightly thick consistency, it doesn't just pour out and that ensures that there is a clean application. A serum is supposed to be thick anyway, but using too much can cause it feel sticky. The packaging seems sustainable and environmentally friendly. There has been a huge difference in one of my patches, as can be seen from the before and after pictures. I am very grateful to be able to use this product to grow hair where I wanted to. It's definitely effective for me and so I would recommend it to everyone.


The $39 is so worth it to have a head full of hair.

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