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better than sex transformation

package is a frosted pink metal long tube, the applicater is large brush wish a lot of spaced out bristles, sturdy case, youcan get this in black

smell is chemically i couldnt give you a exact description of how it smells but it goes away as it dries

use - brush wand through eyelashes generally i go over both sets 2 times, i wouldnt suggest more than 2 layers it tends to clump up and tends to leave excess on your lashes ( i tried multiple layers to see what it would do and it stay wet longer and smears the product on your eyelids)  if only doing 2 layers does dry really quickly beyond that it takes like a minute or 2 to dry. i havent seen any flaking throughout the day and ive never needed to reapply it or touch it up at all. works for every skin tone and type

effectiveness honestly i could see the difference immediately, it added volume making it seem like i have more lashes than i really do. i wouldnt trade this for any other mascaras on the market this is the absolute best and its definitely worth the money. i definitely say this does everything it promises and so much more i introduced this to my family and they all are converts to this mascara.

use ive used this for 3 years  ive get this from sephora and ulta  and i willl never stop using this product

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