BIOAQUA Fruit Extract Eye Sheet Mask

When I first came across these eye masks my first initial thought was ...... Wow these seem interesting and within seconds I had them in my cart 🛒 and ready for purchase. BIOAQUA has always been a brand that I’m quite fond of. There products are mainly skincare but they do have some makeup as well. The thing I love about this brand is the interesting concepts they come up with when it comes to their skincare products and also the fact that they are very much in an affordable price range. I have been trying out skincare from this brand for well over a couple years now and I can honestly say with upmost certainty that I would recommend a good majority of the products that I have tried from them. These eye masks are apart of that majority. 
For starters the eye mask itself is designed as a sheet mask to fit around the entire eye area. It has a C shape intended to cover the under eye, the outer corner ( where crows feet appears), and the brow bone area. The sheet mask is completely saturated in a nice serum solution immediately providing the eye area with a nice splash of hydration. I recommend putting them in the fridge it provides an incredible cooling sensation once applied to the eye. The main ingredient is lemon extract which is intended to help brighten the eye area. It also contains hyaluronic acid to help retain moisture and plant extracts. The serum has a nice semi-thick consistency and melts into the skin. The sheet mask is made thin to help the serum penetrate the skin as well as better absorption. Once the eye mask is removed my eyes feel refreshed, hydrated, and incredibly nourished. I also love that the serum does not leave any sticky or tacky feeling on my skin especially considering I’m placing this mask under my eyes. Each container comes with 60 eye masks ( 30 treatments). These eye masks can be used at night or during the day. I prefer to use them at night while relaxing in a hot bath. I also have been using them under my facial sheet masks. I call it double sheet masking lol. Anyway definitely an awesome eye mask and I would certainly recommend giving them a try if your a fan of eye masks. 

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